Hello, I'm

Charles Moukory

I’m a Designer from Paris focused on human driven products. I'm the most beautiful man in the world and my awesomeness has no limits. My mom told me that, so it has to be true right? Whatever...

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I always see myself as a Beta version and i write about it.

Hello, I am Charles Moukory and if you read these words, it means that you are on my platform, welcome. This portfolio exists to show my approach to projects, how I turn a blank page into a product, alone or in a team.


I write about design, human behaviors and personal experiences. I’m fond of what we can learn from design and what it can bring into our lives.

8 personal restrictions I use to better efficiency

Today I present you 8 restrictions I did allowing me to get more things done.

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The cruciality of Onboarding

Here's the thing. Building a good product is not enough...

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The 1 skill UX have to get better at

I always look to improve as a designer. I know I have to develop my skill & taste.

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The Man's Skillset

I base my skill set on three categories I work on everyday.

01 communication
The most important skills you need in every domain. Collaboration is a must.
02 product thinking
I think outside of the box while collecting user needs. It's a category of observations and analysis.
03 craftmanship
I see myself as a craftman. This category represent mastering tools and concept such as sketch, after effect, typography, etc.

Case studies

Projects and life experiences where I applied the skills you saw above.


Personal Branding

Working in your corner his good, but showing what one do, its utility to people, is great! I don’t want to present my portfolio as three pages showing redesign you saw a million times...

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Sharpening The Saw

Working in a design agency or with a good design team is the fastest way to improve your skills. You get a lot of feedback and you produce for real clients.

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