♫ If you’re distracted in your neighborhood, Who you gonna call? Cal Newport ♫

I had this remix in my head for the last few days. It doesn't want to go out. Nonetheless, today I present you 8 restrictions I did allowing me to get more things done. Sometimes its weird, sometimes it's not. The thing is, the more unusual the habit is the more effective. So let’s take a look at it, shall we?

1 - I Finish the work before any entertainment.

Even if it’s One Piece day. To have a great day, start it great, or else things will get nasty.

It is very difficult especially when it’s the time to read the last One Piece chapter. If I do that first thing, I will spend the last time of my day thinking about how Luffy, the main character, is dumb.  

I now read it at the end of the day as a reward and guess what, it’s even more enjoyable.

For you, it might be another entertainment,  your favorite show, your favorite youtuber. Enjoy it when you did all the important things.

2 - I turn on the internet and my smartphone after 2pm

I took the time to discover the root who prevented me to have better productivity: the internet. Yes, it’s obvious, but not that much because the web is everywhere these days. It helps me realize going online (even for work), is about other people urgencies, not mine.

3 - I Turn off notifications

This one is quite famous. It worked for me except I had this problem with WhatsApp. When my notification was turned off I still had this small red button on the app saying you have unread messages. It wrecked my mornings. I was waking up thinking, maybe I have some messages to read, and I read those every time. I ended up read threads of discussions. Without noticing it, I ended up watching friends' videos, then going on Instagram and 1 hour and a half passed by. I tried everything to put off the red button notif. It was on the app icon, not on my phone or app parameters. Was it dark UX? feels like it to me.

the pexels flip phone

I wanted to get a very old flip phone because this smartphone had me. But I found something in it.

I turn my phone into a weird 2010 looking UI. It turned off every notification plus this freaking WhatsApp trap red tooltip. Great compromise. I do not get distracted by my phone anymore but I can still test apps and responsive websites. When I open WhatsApp after 2pm I have 80+ messages to catch up. Those messages do not worth my goal to become the pirate king or being the best at my job, at least.

4 - I removed the clock from my mac menu bar

I always had this psychological time dependency, we all have. I associate every hour of the day with some time to do or stop doing. When it’s ten, it’s time to snack, when it’s twelve I’s time to eat, past eighteen it’s time to leave work. Now that I don’t watch the clock anymore I'm not restricted by it. I don’t feel like I HAVE to eat at noon. I can focus on my work. I don’t watch the clock anymore but I have my timer and if I have something in my schedule I’ll put an alarm for it.

5 - I removed all apps from my dock, spotlight is a friend

Now I just write what I need to use in spotlight and here we go. I remove all app on the dock to less distraction and cluttering. Less is more my friend

6 - I use Three tabs max in my browser

I do not use more than three tabs in my browser. It helps me focus on one theme. Then I rank what is important. I take all pieces of information I need from one page and close it. It prevents me from having 15+ tabs. When you are everywhere, you are nowhere.

7 - I eat less sugar & wheat

The thing that drains my willpower out at the beginning. I was tired at ten and in the afternoon. Now I feel I can work a whole day straight and rest at the end of it.

8 - I removed Spotify from my mac

the pexels girl. She doesn't sing that well...

This app is awesome, but not for a dancer like me who needs to get something done

I noticed this pattern of mine. I start listening to music when I feel like I used all my willpower. It occurs around 3pm so it's a problem, the day is not ever. I dance when I'm listening to music, always. So, not a good thing.


You can try one of these 8 tips but, what you have to take from this is that, analyze your weaknesses is yours to make. Look out for you kryptonite and proceed accordingly.