Hi, I’m Charles. And if you read those words, it means you’re reading my blog. However, why am I writing really? It all started when I was looking for a way to express myself, my opinion, what I’m about. Without knowing where to start I just put it in the famous list of things we say we’re going to do, but we don’t.

I get that mindfulness you’ve heard of

What is incredible about writing is transforming a thought into reality, it’s a liberation. I enjoy it a lot, it clears up my mind. I get inspiration every day by any type of book so I figured, why should I not make the jump and try it anyway? So there you go, the first reason for this new writing habit. BAM! Intrinsic motivation’s style.

It’s all over the world

The second is writing being everywhere. I like rare & valuable skills and writing is definitely one of them. People read all the time. At your Sunday morning groceries when the kids want the cereals with the ugly animal on it (they’re all look the same), to do lists, books, good products, bad products, it’s everywhere. To put it simply, when I notice a really valuable, timeless skill I will acquire it (difficult ones are even better because they’re rare). A previous one for me is meditation.

It makes me look smart

Writing allows me to show my expertise about design. Often in life, we think people know things about us without saying it (marriage … tell me about it). Then, when what we expect do not happen we’re getting surprised and angry. From this observation, I decided to act and take nothing for granted. Now I just show what I know & learn, I’m more understood this way.

Voila, three main reasons for writing. I’ll write mostly about design topics, but also self-development and awful commuting in Paris, that kind of thing. Damn, I feel like a real writer right now. Can I call myself a writer? I’ll ask around…

Charles’s out