CMK Framework

Being someone curious, I have been questioning myself about learning for a long time. Why do we not “learn to learn” at school? How to live? These are questions that drive me to search and experiment concepts, allowing me to be a better person every day.











The Challenge

How to set up a mindset who makes the best out of me in the following cases:

• Professional life
• Personal life
• Passions
• Well-being

If the human being is a creature of habits, I have to tame mine to be a great product designer, because if i'm not able to design my own life, who am i to design the one of a user/customer?

The goal is not to become “mister no flaws”, it's impossible. I just want to try, fail a lot and grow.


Getting Swole Like Chuck Norris


I eat healthy, without going into extremes or particular diet. I avoid salt & sugar taking into account my ethnic origins (diabetes and hypertension are very common conditions among black people). I'm using intermittent fasting, because it has a lot benefits such as reducing oxidative stress and increasing lifespan.


Exercise is universal. Workouts, dancing, long walks, i have a clear mind and i feel good. “I tell people that exercise is like taking Ritalin and Prozac. Like drugs, exercise elevates these neurotransmitters A metaphor explaining that exercise balances neurotransmitters with the rest of the neurochemicals in the brain.”
– John Ratey, author of the book Spark.


Sleeping helps me optimize my energy and mood. My quality of sleep is a necessity, not a luxury that's why I make sure not to overeat at night and turn off the screen more than an hour before sleep. When rested, I can get up before work and sharp my skills from two to three hours.


Its benefits are numerous. Meditation is like a magic pill that you take once a day that reduces anxiety and increases well-being, concentration, self-esteem, empathy and self-confidence.I also use meditation exercises and yoga (coupled with cold showers) to increase my energy level and health in general.

Cold Showers

Cold exposure has huge benefits on the human body such as, stimulation of the immune system, improvement of blood circulation, prevention of colds/flus, powerful anti-depressant. I don't remember the last time i was sick, it's crazy. I use it as a cold therapy coupled with meditation.


Mastering time


I use the bullet journal method to measure and keep track of my tasks, goals, events, to manage my schedule and my habits. A method created by Ryder Caroll, an NY Product Designer.

Time Management

The heart of my schedule in two points :

Bookend AM -
A morning routine before i'm getting caught up :

• Wake up at 5 am
• Meditation/breathing practice
• Journaling
• Reading
• Cold shower
• Deep work

Bookend PM - The evening ritual that prepares me for the night, it starts when I turn off all screens. it include:

• Reading
• Time with family/friends
• Review of the day.

These tools allow me to fulfil my
daily goals, before/after unexpected events that we encounter in a day. Mornings and evenings are the only blocks of time we can control during a day! The bookend AM-PM comes from the book "Compound effect" by Darren Harddy.

Deep Work

By far my most favorite habit, Deep Work is a term used to describe a working method where your intensity (focus) has to be at its maximum over a given period of time, without distraction (internet, smartphone, chit-chat, music).

This method is very effective. Deep work can be described by the following formula :

Work done = Intensity x time invested.

According the method, if we scale intensity from 1 to 10, and give the example of two people:

Henry = 3 x 10 = 30
Charles (Deep Work) = 10 x 3 = 30

With an intensity of 3, Henry is slightly focus and produce his work in 10 hours while enjoying himself from time to time, chatting with people, checking facebook. Meanwhile Charles produce the same amount of work in just 3 hours with a level 10 intensity.

Once you get that, Deep work becomes a philosophy. You should check Cal Newport and his book "Deep Work". And every other book he made for the matter.


I give an increasingly important part to reading. I make my opinion on different subjects. It helps my creativity and keeps me ahead on chosen fields.

New practice

Every two to three months i learn a new thing or discover a new activity, nurturing my curiosity and challenging my creativity. Soon it will be gardening.

To optimize my learning, I use the method of Josh Kaufman and his book "the first 20 hours".


Main Lessons


Writing about feedback on my framework is easy because the difference between using it and not using it is day and night. Simply because it’s a set of habits that assure me health, wealth, love and hapiness. I measure and track the specifics in my journal. I have months where I’m great, some months where I’m not, but I get back up, that’s what matters.