Personal Branding

Working in your corner his good, but showing what one do, its utility to people, is great! I don’t want to present my portfolio as three pages showing redesign that you saw a million times.I truly see the Headquarter of my personal branding. An opening on my way of thinking product, and life in general.








Brand & Portfolio



The Challenge

How to build a platform that allow me to introduce myself and my work, while having a certain freedom of expression about Design ? The Portfolio/blog format seems the right way for me because it meets my expectations.


Building An Identity

I knew i had to get strategic to build the foundations of my personal branding. I had to think ahead what would get me most results. What would get me more discernable from peer designers. I knew for sure that a portfolio was i must have.But among all these portfolios, what make people prefer yours than others? This path got me into personalizing myself as much as possible, from having my own photos, to even a logo.


I called on a photographer, to reinforce the visual impact of my brand. The photos are often reused to create familiarity by the repetition design principle.

Personal branding photoshoot


The highlighting word i had in mind was « simplicity »

Social Media

A good branding practice consist to use the same avatar and the same description on all social media.


Focusing On The Process

This part was very important because it was the floor of the house under construction. Good ideation technics such as personas or ux maps help visualizing answers about current challenges. They help creating good blueprints (AI).


These personas are based on problems occurred by students and recruiters. I can relate easily to those personas because I was a student. I like to give them behaviors (habits) which I use in the experience map.

Experience Maps

These experiences' maps represent personas in action. We see how they react to events happening to them according to their preset personalities and habits.

Information Architecture (IA)

The architecture of my portfolio is really important. It has to be concise and easy to navigate. This was the AI of the version version of the site, then i decided to simplify it by removing the contact page and merge the case study page with the homepage.


The competitive study of other designers on the market. I chose these ones for their skills and the quality of their branding.


Some inspirations for my portfolio before hitting the next step. Even if i had a pretty close idea of my final product.


An overview of the latest wireframe i did using sketch as a tool.


Design System


Three typographies of serif & sans serif type who get married perfectly. Prata for the display face, Computer Modern for the personality and Work sans, quite popular for the readability.  A mix a classical and contemporary.

Type Scale

It is not advisable to use the same Type Scale on every project, because types have a different rendering even with the same size.


On the first version i allied the blue and the orange for my color chart. You can find the blue in a lot of technological website and the orange in social activities ones. We find a mixed between trust (blue) and warmth (orange). A mixture of cold and warm tones.

Grid & Components

A classic build up According to atomic design. I just had to put the elements together.


Main Lessons


I had a good feedback from my peers after the lunch of this product. Not so much from Google analytics. In my case, people were vastly interested by the about page than any other, including the projects. That’s why i moved on to an update with more informations about myself and this personal branding case study as a primary project.

I took advantage of these changes to make others, like typography, layouts and colors.