Sharpening The Saw

Working in a design agency or with a good design team is the fastest way to improve your skills. You get a lot of feedback and you produce for real clients. I had the pleasure to work with great people in an agency called Adyax.











The Challenge

Adyax is a digital agency providing quality web expertise in three areas :

• Drupal
• Ux
• Data

It is an undisputed leader of the Drupal CMS in Europe. Its 220 experts have created more than 350 Drupal projects. With offices all over the world Adyax specializes in media sites, site factories, E-commerce and intranets :


An Opening On Design

Since its creation in 2008 the agency knows growth and profitability, working in the heart of Paris. 80% of its developers are certified Acquia * a remarkably high rate. (companies are around 20-40% in general). After project management and development, Adyax started diversifying by the opening of a design team. A new market opened up to the agency allowing it to extend both quantity of service and quality.


My Roles

I had various roles in the team such as understanding and transcribe the need of a customer through wireframes. In those cases, conversing with your team to find the best possible solution.


One of my task was wireframing for a large company manufacturing connectors. I worked on the navigation. the challenge was its large number of categories and subcategories. I chose to bring a mega-menu concept. I also worked on what you can call factory websites at the agency.


Transcribing the wireframe and know how to manage the customer returns even if it had constraints. Know how to explain what can or cannot be done and why. I also made support pages while handling their behavior (Information, connection problems, error/success).


I converted many designs into tablet and mobile format. It was sometimes challenging to find the right layout for the Tablet & Mobile, but there is always a way.


Design System


I learned a lot about typography and pairing them.

Icon set

Here's a set of icon we used for a project


A Sample of the kind of components we made.


Main Lessons


Being on a design team allowed me to focus on this one area and sharpening the saw. I was able to observe and learn from my mistakes, where I was good at and what needed to be improved. Here are some examples of what I learned from my team:

“Bring More creativity and manage negative space better”
– Gabriel Ghnassia

“Typography is key”
– Amandia Kuoch

“Good visual makes the difference”
– Florian Casanova

“Do a maximum research on design”
– Inna Sorochka it

By following these essential tips, I took the road to proffessionalism and it makes me the designer i am today.